About  Sharon

Sharon is a skilled clinician who has worked over 23 years with families, children and youth as a therapist at Vancouver Community Mental Health.  She maintains a part time private practice in Richmond, Surrey, and Vancouver.  Sharon is also a grandmother and is  active in her community as a volunteer.  She loves crafts, poetry, pets, technology, the Maker Movement, and being outdoors in nature. 
Sharon is a Registered Clinical Social Worker. She is skilled in Play Therapy, Expressive Arts, and Narrative Therapy.  She has a particular interest in helping people with depression as well as anxiety disorders including Perfectionism, Social Phobia, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, PTSD and OCD.  She has training and experience working with trauma, and is certified in EMDR therapy.  She adapts CBT and Mindfulness therapies based on each person's interest and ability. Sharon believes that a collaborative, strength based therapeutic relationship will provide clients a safe way to connect to their own goals and support wise and healthy changes. 
Registered Clinical Social Workers are recognized under the Income Tax Act as "Medical Practitioner" (a deductable expense) and are exempt from HST and GST,